About us

When Bas (1980) & Roos (1983) in 2008 left The Hague (Holland) and started their trip to Almería (Spain) to start a restaurant, they would never have imagined how their lives would be.

Passionate entrepreneurs

Bas & Roos are passionate entrepreneurs. Both are eager to learn and love to exchange experiences and ideas with other entrepreneurs.

Excithings SL

To bundle their proyects they started the private company ‘Excithings SL’. They thought about a name that best would describe what they were doing and came up with ‘exciting things’. Every new project is very exciting and they both are very passionate about inovating and are always searching for ways to improve.

Sprankelend Spanje

When Bas & Roos just arrived in Valencia in 2008, they discoverd so many beautiful, cool and hidden gems. Travelers were mainly visiting the highlights while there are so much more beautiful treasures to discover.  Many friends from Holland came to visit  the mand were always asking for recommendations for cool spots where the locals go to. Therefore they started a Dutch website about Valencia, ‘Verrassend Valencia’ was born. Bas and Roos wanted to discover more of Spain and travelled a lot through the country. They discovered that there were so many more hidden gems in other cities to discover and came up with several other websites (in Dutch):

  • Verrassend Valencia
  • Bijzonder Bilbao
  • Bruisend Barcelona
  • Grandioos Granada
  • Idyllisch Ibiza
  • Magisch Madrid
  • Magnifiek Malaga
  • Memorabel Mallorca
  • Mooi Menorca
  • Smaakvol San Sebastiaan
  • Sprankelend Spanje
  • Stralend Sevilla

Once upon a bike

Due to that Bas & Roos wanted to share their recomendations related to hidden gems, gastronomy, sightseeing and inspiring locals in Valencia, they started, ‘Once upon a bike’. A great way to discover Valencia is by bike!


From Valencia (Spain) where they live, Ibiza is only 20 minutes flying and therefore a great spot to get out of the city and discover some hidden gems on the magic island. A hobby of Roos always has been to design and make her own jewelry. When she saw the artisans at Ibiza making beautiful products she got inspired again and started with designing boho jewelry and accessoires…and that was the beginning of Ibizu.

Cositas Chulis

When Luca (2016) and Jimi (2019) came into their lives, they started to realize that there was a huge difference in quality, design and sustainability of products for kids. They decided in 2020 to collect practical, sustainable and beautifully designed products for kids. From great inventions to get a good grib of your newly born baby under the shower to toys to stimulate kids to play more outside. ‘Cositas Chulis’ focus is on the Spanish market.

Stoere Spulletjes

Due to their kids (Luca and Jimi), Bas & Roos started to realize that there is a huge offer of products for kids, but it can be difficult sometimes to find products for kids that are sustainable, educative, practical and with a beautiful design.  That is why they started  ‘Stoere Spulletjes’ (cool stuff) on the Dutch market. ‘Stoere Spulletjes’ is an online webshop where you can find products for baby´s and kids which are sustainable, educative and with a beautiful design.

Vertrek naar…

When Bas & Roos left The Hague, they were searching for information to make sure there emigration would be as smooth as possible. There were several books and websites but a lot of information was out of date. When a good friend came up with the idea to start a website, they directly started with their first website ‘Vertrek naar Spanje’ ( Move to Spain’). They did some research and it resulted that there were many other countries where Dutch speaking people wanted to live and work, for a short period or forever. Bas & Roos initiated several websites with information related to Dutch people who would be interested in living/working/studying  in a foreign country:

  • Vertrek naar Amerika
  • Vertrek naar Australië
  • Vertrek naar België
  • Vertrek naar Dubai
  • Vertrek naar Duitsland
  • Vertrek naar Engeland
  • Vertrek naar Frankrijk

Eigen onderneming starten

Bas & Roos started several projects and often they got questions of people who were also interested in starting a company. They started a website with a lot of information specifically for Dutch people who would like to start a business.


A passion of Bas is music. When he was little, he started with playing drums, his own radio programs and he became a dj.  At many parties, celebrations and events in Holland and Spain he takes part of creating some unforgettable  experiences. The most important for Bas is when he performs as a dj, is that the people have a great evening and enjoy the music. Therefore he always asks people what they would like hear and during the evening he analyses the people on the dance floor. Are the people more into Pop music, hip hop, ’80 or do they prefer a mix of different kinds of music styles. 

Bas and Roos love events and started to organize events, their first event was about Cava, a typical Spanish drink comparable with Champagne.

And probably many more projects to come!